Celebrate Batman day with six free games on the Epic Games Store

That’s a lot of Batman

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Batman Day is a real thing, apparently. I only learned about it yesterday when posting that Fortnite leak, but I guess this “holiday” is a bigger deal than I realized. In celebration of the Dark Knight’s own day, Epic Games is giving out six different Batman titles for absolutely nothing. That’s a hell of a free gift and could occupy you for dozens of hours.

If you boot up the launcher, you’ll be able to grab the Batman: Arkham Collection and LEGO Batman Trilogy collections. As should be evident, these two bundles contain all three of their respective Batman titles in one easy package. In the case of the Arkham titles, both Asylum and City are the “Game of the Year” editions (which include all of the DLC released for both). Arkham Knight and LEGO Batman 3, though, do not have their DLC present.

That may be a little disappointing, but this is still a solid deal. I don’t much care for LEGO Batman 2, but basically, all of these games are worth a look. At the low price of free, you’d be silly to pass it up. The offer will be up for grabs until September 26, so you have some time to nab it.

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