Celebrate 30 years of Ubisoft with free stuff for a month!

On the 12th day of Ubi, my game save deleted…

Despite Ubisoft giving out a game each month for the past half a year, I forgot it was the 30th anniversary of the company. While I used to appreciate its risk taking when it came to developing new games, the company has become a bit complacent in recent times. Why rock the boat when the same old crap still sells?

That being said, for the next 30 days (well, 28 from the day of posting), Ubisoft will be giving away some goodies from its website. The event kicked off with Rayman Classic being free on mobile and then something happening today that I completely missed. I can’t even find anything about what was given away, but there is still a whole month left of potential joy.

Ubisoft will also be holding a contest where 300 lucky winners will win one of the more recent releases from the company. Whether that means Watch Dogs 2 or simply the first one has yet been stated, but either way, this is cool. I think I’d rather opt for a slightly older game, since all of the stability patches will be present and accounted for.

This event runs until December 23, just a few days after the release of the Assassin’s Creed film. I bet you forgot that was even a thing!

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