Cel-shaded Transformers: Devastation is nailing the look

One must fall for these screens

A new Transformers game from Activision, Transformers: Devastation, has been leaked in the lead up to E3, and damn if it doesn’t look like an 80’s cartoon come to life. Someone better call Cosimano, I think he’ll be excited.

Details are sketchy right now, but it seems like Devastation is slated for an Xbox 360 release, and one could assume that likely means a version for the Xbox One as well. No gameplay details yet, but the phrase being thrown around right now is that the game will be a “brawler,” for whatever that’s worth. We can expected to find out more during E3.

Devastations‘s developer is unknown at this time, but given the similar look to The Legend of Kora, Plantinum Games is the most likely suspect. Could this be the secret project they’ve been teasing for the last few weeks? I’ll be disappointed if we never see a Vanquish 2, but a gorgeously cel-shaded Transformers game isn’t a bad consolation prize.

Exclusive Screens: Activision Bringing New Cel-Shaded Transformers Title to Xbox [Pure Xbox]

Nic Rowen