CD Projekt: The Witcher will be the best looking RPG ever

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Man, for a game that got some very solid reviews and has plenty of hardcore fans The Witcher sure seems to be getting one hell of a revamp for its sequel. According to the developer diary above they’ve gone back in and reworked everything from the game’s engine to its fighting system, all while maintaining that hardcore RPG feel.

The guys from CD Projekt talk up a storm about how this is going to be the best looking RPG any of us have ever seen. They’re not just flapping their lips though. Check out the in-game cinematic below for proof that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is quite impressive in the visual department.

And what is that I hear? This new engine is flexible and more easily adapted to other platforms of gaming? Seems like someone is hinting at a console release for their game.

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