CD Projekt Red is now the second largest European game studio, only behind Ubisoft

They shot up significantly in recent years

CD Projekt Red has been duking it out with the big boys for the past 10 years and it paid off, literally: they are now considered one of the club.

By way of a new market valuation for the company, CD Projekt Red is now valued at $8 billion, a stark jump from its $6.8 billion valuation just four weeks ago. As RPS points out this figure is very liquid, but the mere fact that the studio is even fighting at this weight class is impressive, and shows how far they’ve come with The Witcher property alone.

Right now, they’re just behind Ubisoft in the European rat race, which is valued at $9.6 billion. Still, that $8 billion triumph puts them just behind Ubisoft and makes them the second largest European game studio right now. This is before The Witcher Netflix series grows even more with at least another season on the way (likely more), and before Cyberpunk 2077 arrives. If it’s a hit, that figure could change.

CDPR’s market valuation surpassed $8 billion [Reddit via RPS]

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