CD Projekt Red introduces us to the gangs of Cyberpunk 2077 next week

Night City Wire is back

Night City is full of tough hombres who have no problem murdering anyone who gets in their way. Next week, we’ll go around the classroom, and all of them will introduce themselves and say something that makes them unique and interesting.

CD Projekt Red has carved out a time for the third episode of Night City Wire, the video series that introduces us to various aspects of Cyberpunk 2077. Last month, we learned more about the three different Lifepath roles. This time, it’s the city itself and the gangs that call Night City home.

This all goes down on Friday, September 18 at 9am Pacific. Or, if you’re in more in the “Show us, don’t tell us” camp, Cyberpunk 2077 releases in exactly 69 days. I’d say “nice” but you’re already typing it in the comments.

Brett Makedonski
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