What’s your favorite multiplayer game in an offline environment?

cblog recaps offline gaming

Cblogs of 8/07 to 8/13/2022

-VirtuaKazama celebrates Evo’s long-awaited return in an offline capacity

-TheBlondeBass shares their thoughts and emotional connection to their game, Mirama

-SlimeyBearXXL looks at some of the awesome indie titles launching this month

-Faester takes a look at some of their favorite official and fan-made game art

cblog recaps othertoid

-PhilsPhindings looks at the similarities between Treasure Hunter G and Caribbean music

-PhilsPhindings returns with more thoughts on the music of Treasure Hunter G

-Alphadeus has applied their amazing talents to a new concept album, Walking in Circles II.

-Sleeeves delves into the fine work of acclaimed singer/songwriter Ariana Grande

-InquisitiveRaven has opened up their commissions, so drop in if you fancy some rad custom art.

-Queen of Philosophy welcomes in another weekend with this week’s TGIF thread

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