Which Street Fighter game has the best soundtrack?

cblog recaps street fighter soundtrack

Cblogs of 10/29 to 11/04/2022

Brendle introduces themselves with this blog about their Street Fighter 6 OST frustrations.

BRAV0 F1VE reviews the indie darling, Cult of the Lamb.

Manasteel88 made a game as a celebration for this year’s Halloween.

Kerrik52 continues their retrospective on the Legacy of Kain series with another deep dive into Soul Reaver.

cblog recaps othertoid

Taterchimp is hosting a Games Done Quick stream for charity purposes. Check it out!

PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Mega Man X2 and the weird combination of Electronic Music and Blues.

ChronoLynxx opens this week’s TGIF community forum for random discussions.

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