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Cblogs of 12/03 to 12/09/2022

Chris Bradshaw reflects on his ever-shrinking time in the face of an expanding/disappearing backlog in Xbox Gamepass.

-Jonathan Holmes introduces the latest A Profound Waste of Time magazine edition, which highlights the Sony exclusives of the past, PaRappa the Rapper and The Last Guardian.

Vadicta reflects on the classic excellence of DOOM 3.

Lord Spencer continues his Mega Man series retrospective blogs with this blog on Mega Man X, the first game in the series.

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PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI and several music genres.

Virtua Kazama shares his experience of playing Virtua Fighter online via Fightcade.

ChronoLynxx opens this week’s TGIF community forum for random community discussions.

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