Cave Story creator adds the narrative to NightSky

This just in from NightSky‘s publisher’s Twitter — “Did we already mention Pixel wrote the story to NightSky? Yes, the same Pixel who gave the world Cave Story.” This news comes to us right on the cusp of the game’s January 6th release date, so there’s very little time for you Cave Story fans to get hyped (but I think you’ll manage just fine).

Also from Nicalis’s Twitter is the news on the proposed console versions of the game — “We haven’t given up on consoles for it, but we’d like to see what everyone thinks of the game on PC/Mac.” Sounds like it could go either way at this point. Personally, I hope the game still comes to WiiWare. Well implemented motion controls can really accentuate the experience with physics-based platformers such as this.

We’re working on the review of the Windows version of NightSky as we speak, so stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of the game’s story, controls, and everything else.

Jonathan Holmes
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