Cave Story coming to WiiWare this holiday season

Burried in this official press release for Nintendo’s E3-killing press conference is a little nugget of sprite-based gold that got me so happy, I actually gave my computer monitor the thumbs-up. Cave Story, the totally free 2D action/platformer, is making the jump to retail release on WiiWare sometime before 2009. At least, that’s what I’m inferring NoA means by “Holiday 2008”. Not only that, but the port will receive some new stuff, the details of which remain unknown. If it’s anything like the new stuff Tumiki Fighters and de Blob received in their jumps from PC freeware to Wii retail, then we’re in for something good.

The first time I heard about Cave Story was back in February when our resident game analyst supreme, Anthony Burch, profiled the title. After reading that post, I played Cave Story for half an hour and thought “Wow, that’s awesome! I can’t wait to finish it!” Here we are months later and I still haven’t done so, as PC gaming doesn’t work for a guy like me. Every moment I’m on the computer, I’m either scouring for news about videogames, writing about videogames, or making sprites for videogames. To have Cave Story on my TV and away from all the tempting “work” that my PC offers will be more than worth the price (probably $5 or $10).

Speaking of sprite making, who wants me to make a Cave Story sprite for the next revision of the Mega Man Maker?

[Via GoNintendo and Pedro’s Cblog]

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