Cautious optimism: Rain of Reflections has some good RPG ideas

Show me the ideas in practice

A new development studio was formed in Sweden called Lionbite Games, and it has revealed its first project: a noir cyberpunk role-playing game called Rain of Reflections. The trailer above shows off the dystopian world and its three main characters, but it only tells part of the story of why this could potentially be good.

When describing the project, Lionbite mentions a focus on choice-driven narrative, the ability to think and talk a way around combat, and a promise that there will be no filler or grinding. I’d take a role-playing game that gets to the point without spending way too many hours in random battles.

But the proof is in the pudding. Rain of Reflections talks big, but it won’t be clear if it lives up to those words until we see more of it in action. That could be a while; it is scheduled to release some time in 2016.

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