Catz 2 DS introduces all new methods of kitten torture

I know what you’re thinking — that I probably would play Catz DS, because as the Destructoid Official Cute Ambassador, such things delight and enthrall me. Well, I have a surprise for you. I would not play this game. I wouldn’t even have really registered it on the radar — not, at least, until I noticed that you can dress your kitten in a SOMBRERO IN THE GAME. Check the video at 1:11 and you’ll see what I mean. I think that wins my roflcopter award of the day, right there.

All animal sim games are about the same and there are an abundance of cat titles, but frankly, you can’t beat the hats for total ridiculous factor. I hope my cat doesn’t see me posting this and claw my eyeballs out in the night for being amused. I would never dress you like Yoda, I swear!

Colette Bennett