Cats make Mario Kart Live even more fun

Sakurai seems to think so too

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In case you missed it, we covered Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit this past weekend. What you couldn’t miss, however, is my cat Cinnamon that was front and center as part of that coverage.

That’s because the game’s impact on cats is immediately apparent, as evidenced by several other anecdotal tales this week. Cats are not just attracted to the device as it speeds around the house, but they also serve as great moving hazards for folks who aren’t keen to create their own intricate setups.

Take, for instance, this tweet from Masahiro Sakurai (the father of Super Smash Bros.), who simply stated “demon beast appears.”

This one from Twitter user yamanoneko is one of the best so far; who seems to house a team of relentless cats that will not let them pass.

Another clip from yoshidaterukazu showcases the thrill before the hunt. The moment right before a cat decides the kart is worth pouncing on.

This hilarious video from the Blue Television Games YouTube channel shows us how cats can snatch victories away in an instant.

If you have a cat and the space, it’s worth a shot!

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