Catherine’s box art is a PILE OF SICK FILTH

[As posted on Japanator]

In fact, it’s so SICK and FILTHY that I couldn’t place it in this post’s header image, and was forced to place it in the gallery below. Look at that Catherine, she’s such a strumpet! Her SICK FILTHINESS puts a new meaning to the term “photo spread”. It’s no wonder poor Vincent’s eyes are kind of bugged out! His head is the only thing standing between pure society and THE CORRUPTION OF INNOCENT YOUTHS.

Actually, this is just a placeholder image from the now-open official site, the same as the saucy art printed in last week’s Famitsu preview. It’ll probably be replaced with something else closer to the game’s “Winter 2010” release, though to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t be surprised if Atlus and team Persona decided to go ahead and use it. The site also hosts a higher-resolution version of the trailer (see it below), and promises of a “bold new movie promoting Vincent”, next time.

Then again, I’d be worried if they did go and use it, as it may jeopardize the chances of an English release. Parents’d raise all hell if something like that showed up on their local GameStop’s shelves (I couldn’t blame them though). Maybe Atlus USA could play up the horror angle instead. Just, for God’s sake, make it happen.

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