Catherine website update: Talking little sheep, sexting?

If you visit the official webpage for upcoming Atlus PS3 game Catherine you’ll find that a little sheep appears on the shoulder of the characters under the Characters menu item. He’s like a little sheep teacher. If you click him he talks. He tells you a bit about the characters in a voice that totally doesn’t fit his poofy looks. 

Another site update (under Game System) tells us that the cafe that Vincent and his pals hangs out at is called Stray Sheep. According to AndriaSang, when you’re drinking at the bar at Stray Sheep you’ll sometimes receive messages from Catherine on your mobile. She’ll pose questions that you’ll answer via multiple choice. Play your cards right and you might even get an image sent to you. It could be something like the free image Atlus is sharing with us as wallpaper (click the little phone icon). Or it could be worse (meaning better). 

God, this game is so horny!

Dale North