Catherine gets classy retailer swag

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Now that we’re roughly a month from the  Atlus’ sexy puzzle/homewrecker game Catherine‘s store date and with a playable demo coming in a matter of days, this is probably the last time I’ll be able to gush like a hype-addled fan, ignorant of whether the game can live up to its naughty promises. So I will.

The game’s coming with some awesome-looking retailer-specific collectibles showing off art that’s actually pretty classy, unlike the, uh, cheesier pieces of early teasers and promo spreads. This stuff would look great blown up to poster size.

The downside is that this sweet art is all on mundane stationary wag like telephone cards and file folders. But then again, I’m sure they’ll be collected in an art book somewhere in the future. Once that happens, I’ll nothing will stop me from getting that into my sweaty palms. How about you? Any favorites in the gallery?

Your Catherine retail bonuses [Andriasang]


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