Catherine demo hits Japan next week

If you have a Japanese PSN or Xbox Live account (and who doesn’t?) then you may be interested to learn that a demo for Atlus’ intriguing puzzle/horror/boob game Catherine is due to launch on January 27. Unless you’re on Xbox Live Silver, in which case you can wait until February 3. 

The demo will encompass the game’s opening sections, including in-game movies, anime sections and action sequences. In other words, you won’t have the first clue as to what’s happening in it unless you know Moonspeak. 

The full game hits Japan on February 17, and we’ll likely have a review around that time. I still have my doubts that it won’t quite live up to the hype, but it’s a weird, eccentric game, and we could always do with having at least one of those in production at all times. It’ll be interesting to see which way the wind blows on this. 

Catherine Demo Dated [Andriasang]

James Stephanie Sterling