Catching up on 2017’s Pokemon Go related deaths

Going outside is hazardous

I’ve been off the Pokemon Go beat this year, even with Legendary Pokemon incoming, but the global smash hit that brought us Pokemon Go teens flashed by laser-wielding, pig-masked sex couple and Russia fears Pokemon Go is a CIA psyop to destabilize country and Pokemon Go will get you booted from the Cambodian genocide museum still has its dark side intact as well, the same side that brought us stories last year of kids finding dead bodies while playing.

Earlier this month, a 67-year-old man and avid player in Singapore had just gone out and caught a rare Lapras (as well as a Granbull) moments before having a heart attack.

Last month, a woman in Peoria, Arizona was shot in the face while playing Pokemon Go at 2:30AM at the Peoria City Complex, “a hot bed for the game.” Three men approached the 63-year-old in her parked car, asking for directions. Then one pulled out a gun and demanded she get out of her car. She tried to drive away and was shot in the face, though she was able to drive a few blocks away and call 911. She survived her injuries.

On January 26 in Chesapeake, Virginia, 60-year-old retired grandfather Jiansheng Chen went out in his van around 10:30PM to play Pokemon Go, which he played, “as a way to engage with his nieces, nephews, and grandchildren,” according to the family’s attorney Greg Sandler. He was sitting in his van, playing the game outside of the River Walk Clubhouse where there is a Pokemon Go gym when a security guard, “standing in front of the van,” according to Sandler, “fired somewhere between five and 10 shots directly through the driver’s front windshield of the van,” killing Chen “instantly.” Attorneys representing the security company say the guard opened fire in self defense because Chen drove his van towards him. The River Walk Community Association told News3 they, “have a contract for unarmed roving patrol services.” The security firm did not respond to request for comment at the time as to why the guard was armed.

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