‘Cataclysm’ is all the rage: Blizzard files new trademarks

I’ll admit, the only thing that makes my ears perk up when it comes to talk of Blizzard has to do with Diablo III, but I know there’s many a World of Warcraft fan hanging on their every word. It was recently reported that Blizzard filed three new trademark, each bearing the word “Cataclysm”.

While at first fans speculated that this might be the title of one of the new unannounced projects, it seems now more people think this could be a new WoW expansion. Either way, we hope to hear more about it at this year’s Blizzcon. You can ogle the trademarks in the gallery and form your own predictions. What do you think these new trademarks might refer to?

[1Up, Via BlizzPlanet]

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