Cat Girl Without Salad star claims to be real, tells you to buy her Limited Run game

Cat Girl Without Salad Limited Run Games interview

PAX East 2022 is already a catastrophe

I picked up my PAX East 2022 badge last night, and I found a strange note attached to it. The note, written in crayon, instructed me to go under the nearby footbridge for a meeting at 9PM. I know a lot of strange people in the industry, so this wasn’t all that surprising. Also, I’m a 45-year-old video game blogger. The chances of me being seen as valuable enough to be kidnapped are (hopefully) pretty slim. So I packed up my valuables in my car, called my wife and son to tell them I love them, and headed under the bridge.

There was a little door down there, about four feet high, with the words “KEBAKO’S MIGHTY MIGHTY MIGHTY PAX BOOTH” drawn on with sparkly puff paint. There was no doorknob, but I managed to pry it open with my fingernails. That was risky, as the door was very rusty. I crawled in and the door drifted shut behind me.

It was pitch black, so I whipped out my phone and used it as a crappy flashlight. I also hit the record button on my audio notepad app. If I was going to die down there, I at least wanted some record of my ill-advised final moments.

But I didn’t die. Instead, I took the recording of what happened and turned it into a video. The visuals are just for reenactment purposes, but everything you hear is 100% real.

So what just happened to me?

My guess is that this was all to promote Limited Run Games’ release of Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche. I have quite the history with the game, being one of the first people to report on it being a legitimate WayForward original, so I wasn’t entirely surprised that I got some “special treatment” from the team behind it. But discovering that Kebako, the titular cat girl, is a real person? That was a shock to even me.

And the bonuses in the Cat Girl Without Salad Limited Run Collector’s Edition are just as real. Real money. Real robot squids. Even real tattoos! For a game that many thought was just a joke, this is a seriously cool package.

Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche Limited Run Games Collector's Edition contents

The Collector’s Edition and Regular Edition of Cat Girl Without Salad are both on sale at Limited Run until May 1, 2022, without salad or any plans for a future re-release, so grab this bowl of colorful brain candy by the tongs and dig in while you can.

Jonathan Holmes
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