Castlevania movie on hold due to the Writer’s Guild strike

The writer’s strike that is plaguing everything in the entertainment industry (excluding videogames) has now struck the Castlevania movie. Variety is reporting that Rogue Pictures had to halt production because the script needed additional work. Since they can’t get anyone to work on the $40 million project, they have had to put the movie on hold indefinitely. The film’s production was set to start in April in South Africa..

For some reason, I have always been oddly optimistic when it comes to videogame movies. I really don’t want to pass judgment until I see it. It’s hard not to just assume that the film will be fail anyway because of the track history of videogame movies. Not to mention that Paul Anderson has failed at videogame movies already.

Anyone sad that the Castlevania movies is is on hold until further notice? Or do you just not care at all?

[Via MonstersAndCritics

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