Castlevania movie gets stake through heart?

Remember the Castlevania movie that Paul W.S. Anderson was working on? Well, it looks like that terrifying prospect may never come to pass. The project appears to have officially been consigned to the depths of development Hell, with reports that the film just isn’t taking off.

Anderson’s departure from the project signaled the death-knell, but Sylvain White stepped in to direct. However, the film was last seen being passed along to prospective new directors. Very much like Dracula himself, this movie’s been dead on its feet for quite some time. 

The Castlevania film was going to explore Dracula’s origins and the rise of the Belmont bloodline. It was met with natural cynicsm from a gaming crowd that is tired of all the game-to-movie failure we’ve seen lately. At least this is one potential abortion that has been mercifully terminated.

Jim Sterling