Castlevania: Lords of Shadow scheduled for October

While a lot of anticipated games are announcing release dates in 2011, it’s always nice to be reminded that some titles are still coming this year. Titles like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, the latest 3D entry in the popular action series. According to PS3 Vault, Konami has slated the game for release this coming October.

I have absolutely abhorred the 3D Castlevania games to date. After the two utter abortions on the Nintendo 64, followed by PS2 releases that were mediocre at best, I’d pretty much given up hope. MercurySteam is unproven as a developer but the involvement of Kojima Productions in the project gives me comfort. Everything I’ve seen to date on the game has looked very promising, so I’m hoping this marks a turning point for the series.

Keen to get my hands on this title since first seeing the announcement at E3 2009, I simply couldn’t make the time to see it this year. Jim Sterling, the bastard, actually has played it and came away optimistic. Did I mention he’s a bastard? Because he totally is.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Box Art & Release Window [PS3 Vault via Ripten]

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