Castlevania: Lords of Shadow collector’s edition delayed

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow‘s collectors edition will be delayed when the game launches in Europe on Friday. According to Konami, there have been manufacturing issues with the included metallic death mask, so the special version of the game won’t arrive until sometime after release.

UK retailer GAME confused consumers this morning when it Tweeted that the edition had been pulled and “is no longer happening.” Konami has since corrected that statement, announcing that it hasn’t been completely canceled. It just won’t be this week (ie, the important week).

We’re currently playing Lords of Shadow for our review, which is also delayed. What will release first, the collector’s edition or our review? It is NOW A GRAND RACE BETWEEN GENTLEMEN WITH ONE MILLION GUINEAS AS THE PRIZE!

Konami denies Castlevania CE cancellation [MCV]

Jim Sterling