Castlevania composer not notable enough for Wikipedia

Read this “Articles for deletion/Kinuyo Yamashita” on Wikipedia. It will make you want to pull your face off. “Not notable enough” is what they say when talking about pulling her Wiki entry down. Look, making the music for one of videogame’s classics, is pretty freakin’ notable.

Yamashita has done plenty. She’s plenty notable.

Her article linked to both her recent Video Games Live appearance and the fantastic interview recently run on Original Sound Version, but all of that is apparently not good enough. OSV reports that other composers are in danger of being pulled, citing the stupid “notability” and “reliable sources” policies that Wikipedia has. Blogs not being reliable enough as a source? I call bullsh*t. I see it all the time.

Whatever. F*ck Wikipedia. The specialist wikis are where it’s at anyway. I have about a half dozen I use regularly and love. You should go that route too.

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