Castle Crashers crashing Xbox Live: The Behemoth working on fix

I’d love to be able to report that things are going swimmingly for Castle Crashers, but unfortunately I’ve had issues with the thing all day. So far I’ve managed one round of online co-op, and even then, it wasn’t long before my character froze and I had to pull out. Since then, games won’t connect, and even worse, my Xbox 360 has been (ironically) crashing when attempting to load an Xbox Live game.

Same goes for our very own Reverend Anthony, who has been having an awful time keeping a game going, and the Internet at large is also reporting problems. Apparently overseas connections have it the worst, too. It’s safe to say that Castle Crashers has issues, son.

Not a very good start for a game that was sold on its online co-op potential. Fortunately, the game is still pretty fun on your own (although it makes archers unbearable) so you’ll just have to muck through it is as best you can … or find some real-life friends. Also, this is where you can make a snarky and cynical comment about the game costing 1200 MS Points. At least Braid’s online co-op worked right.

[Update: The Behemoth is aware of the issue and claim to be fixing it, in their own cute way]

James Stephanie Sterling