Castle Crashers coming to the PSN on August 31

Yay yay yay! PlayStation 3 owners, it’s almost time for you to experience one of the funnest beat ’em ups ever as Castle Crashers is coming to the PlayStation Network on August 31. It’s been a long time coming as Dan and the crew at The Behemoth have been working on the project for over a year and a half. Snap!

The PSN version of the game will have some new stuff, such as the new volleyball mini-game. The Behemoth will be at PAX next month to show off Castle Crashers PSN ON A FREAKING ARCADE STYLE CABINET! BattleBlock Theater will also be available for playingness.

Be sure to check back later this weekend as we’ll be giving away some Castle Crasher goodies in celebration of the upcoming release for the PlayStation Network!

Castle Crashers RELEASE DATE for PSN! [The Behemoth]

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