Castle Crashers blog: 22 unlockable characters (head asplode)

It’s all been quiet on the Castle Crashers front of late, but this adorably violent XBLA title has started to make some noise by way of a new blog. The Behemoth’s devblog is aiming to update weekly with the freshest Castle Crashers news and build up even more hype for this anticipated title — hey, it worked for Smash Bros.

The latest post offers up something quite astounding — in addition to the four playable knights that we have seen thus far, Castle Crashers will feature 22 unlockable characters. The devblog has a chart in its latest post which will be updated to show off the new characters over the coming weeks. They really ARE taking a page from Smash Bros.

Well, I’m sold, because I’m gullible like that. I was already waiting for this one but now I think I’ll become a drone of the system and watch this blog like a hawk. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME I HAVE DECIDED! Seriously though, I’m glad this title is coming back up again, I sometimes need reminding that XBLA has some good looking stuff on the horizon, amidst all the things that make Topher want to kill himself.

[Via Kotaku]

Jim Sterling