Casting details for Clock Tower film don’t sound like any Clock Tower I know

I’ve got the Clock Tower titles lying around my house, all of ’em partly played. So, I admit that I don’t know the entirety of the story behind the games, but what Bloody-Disgusting has listed as a cast breakdown seems starkly different from any of the titles that I know.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

From what it looks like, the film seems to be taking place somewhere in the Clock Tower/Clock Tower II area, with a lot of creative licensing being taken with who the characters are. The film seems to be centered around the hospital where Dr. Bates works as a psychiatrist, attempting to help Alyssa because her mom died a schizophrenic. Dr. Bates is rather different, considering the name’s role in Clock Tower II.

Most of the other characters seem to be based around this premise, and I would take it that the film will largely be set within the hospital, which I’m totally fine with. The big concern that I have is that Mr. Barrows, our shears-wielding villain, will attack with little provocation and explanation, and that there will be lots of hiding involved.

The biggest attraction to Clock Tower is the abject fear you feel when the enemy shows up, and you honestly can’t do anything. If they can manage to capture this atmosphere, then that’s fine. I just wonder how things will turn out with Martin Weisz at the helm.

Let’s hope for the best.