Cashman weighs in on 1 vs. 100’s cancellation

While people’s opinions on the now canceled 1 vs. 100 may vary from one extreme end to the other, one thing is for sure: the show had a host, and that host was Chris Cashman. In my opinion he did a pretty good job for being the first videogame gameshow host ever. I often enjoyed his inane banter and obligatory congratulations.

The ex-host has finally weighed in on the cancellation of his show/game, and he doesn’t seem too bitter about it at all. Telling Giant Bomb that it was a “bummer” and that, “It wasn’t that long ago that I was blown away by having colored rubber bands on my braces, so getting to host the first live videogame ever is pretty much tops.” He’s so incredibly not bitter that he goes on to explain how cool the Live platform is and how great things can be done on it. He’s also sure that Microsoft is cooking up something cool for whatever is coming next on the Primetime channel, but he has no idea what it is.

The video above is a little goodbye he whipped up. Try not to cry.

Chris Cashman On The End Of 1 vs. 100 [Giant Bomb, via Joystiq]

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