Carto is the cool puzzle exploration game your Switch deserves

Launching October 27

Carto wasn’t on our radar until the PC Gaming Show in June. But, once it showed up there, it was became a staple of the list of games we’re keeping an eye on. This chill indie puzzle game is about exploring a world by flipping its pieces upside-down. It looks like the kind of thing you’d want to lose yourself in for an afternoon.

The first opportunity for that escapism comes in exactly two months. Publisher Humble Games has announced that Carto will launch on October 27. It’s coming to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

If you need more convincing, check out the release date trailer that’s embedded above. It’s got all those cutesy wholesome vibes that your Switch craves. However, Carto also looks like it might have the puzzler chops to give your brain a bit of a workout. Just two more months until we find out if it lives up to those expectations.

Brett Makedonski
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