Cars 3: Driven to Win’s Miiverse community is full of amazing art

Plenty of memes to go around

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I completely forgot about Cars 3 until yesterday, when Destructoid’s Nick Valdez took it upon himself to catch a day drunk buzz and watch the movie. I think it’s about sentient cars and coping with life after horrific accidents, but I’m not entirely sure. I saw Cars once, but it was during a high school Spanish class, so I might be a bit off on the series’ plot.

One thing I am sure of, however, is that the Miiverse Community for Cars 3: Driven to Win is popping off. I stumbled across it last night when I turned my Wii U on for the first time in ages. I intended to watch some Netflix but instead spent an hour combing through different Cars 3 posts, drawings, and messages. 

There’s no shortage of quality content (read as: bad memes) coming from the Cars 3 community, and I figured some of them are worth sharing. 

Shoutouts to Bobby, something tells me he’s going places in life.

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