Carnival Games: Mini-Golf will include more skin types

Carnival Games is the butt of a lot of jokes here at Destructoid. If we ever need to draw a funny metaphor for a game that possesses zero personality or design initiative, Carnival Games is a premiere choice. MTVMultiplayer noticed something that we haven’t yet. Every playable character in the game is Caucasian.

Thankfully, 2K has already alleviated the issue in their DS version of Carnival Games, and will definitely include other skin types in Carnival Games: Mini-Golf this fall. When MTVMultiplayer spoke to 2K about the issue, they found out that it was simply an oversight.

I just think it was — honestly — a complete oversight,…It was just the developers [Cat Daddy] were developing the game, they got so far down the line it was just something that couldn’t be added without affecting the ship date of the game. But it wasn’t deliberate, by any means.

But I wonder if the tedium of the original Carnival Games and the feeling that 2K is just cashing in on the Wii’s success is deliberate? I guess we’ll never know.

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