Carmack plays Wii but won’t develop for it

Even though id co-founder John Carmac is currently playing Super Paper Mario with his son, he knows the technological boundary is far too vast to develop for the platform. In a recent interview with TomsGames, Carmac essentially closes the doors on the potential of Wii development by citing Tech 5’s brawn and the current market surrounding the Nintendo console.

Well, id Tech 5 will not work on the Wii…The Wii is one of those markets where Nintendo owns both the hardware and the software, but part of that is because they make such damn good products. So it’s the toughest platform for third party developers. We don’t have a software or content base ideally suited for it. So it doesn’t really play to our strengths and we’re pretty busy with other stuff right now…I don’t think we’ll be on the platform.

I think any Wii owner can easily see Carmack’s point. Rage certainly wouldn’t look or perform anywhere near well. Despite his comments, I would really like to see id attempt an original title on the Wii. I’m not calling for Wolfenstein (that’d be amazing) but it would be nice to see what id could have us waggling our controllers for.

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