Card Sagas Wars going public this week, creator teases new project

It’s not a Smash Ultimate port

Remember Card Sagas Wars, that really cool looking fighting fangame in development by two people which unfortunately fizzled out of existence? One of its developers, Dani Oliver (aka Ahruon), has announced on his Twitter that he is releasing a public build based on it’s development seven years ago.

While he and fellow dev Alberto Hernández (aka Orkimides) will support the build post-launch to add more finished content, they have no plans to actually create more content than they finished before the project went on hiatus years ago, nor are they continuing development on CSW. Rather, Oliver says they have plans for a brand new project, and they are releasing this old build to demonstrate what they accomplished before they had to stop work on CSW.

Oliver states that initial release will include the four fighters in his teaser art (Link, X, Cloud, and KOS-MOS), while it will be updated to add eight more finished fighters. He adds that because this is an old build, it will be a little unstable and buggy, but playable. I don’t blame them for not trying to push it farther, because they could probably get hit with a cease-and-desist if they did (well, they’re already running that risk). While I’m looking forward to seeing this relic surface again, I’m honestly more excited by the implication that they’re working on a brand new game.

Oliver hasn’t shared any specifics on that new project, but he says that they’re not continuing development on CSW because they want to “start something new as an actual project we can actually make a living of it”. This implies that their new project will be their new full-time jobs and an original work rather than a fangame. 

I’ve been a big fan of Oliver’s pixel art ever since I saw CSW, and following his social media throughout the years, his sprites have only gotten better. As for the rest of his and Hernández’s game development skills, we’ll see soon enough when they release the public build of Card Sagas Wars and when they reveal their new project. It’s fantastic that we’re finally getting a taste of a project that made waves years ago, and I’m intrigued to see how this duo intends to one-up it.

@ahruon [Twitter]

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