Capybara’s Below ventures down to PS4, and the game gets a whole lot easier

Explore at your leisure

Below was one of 2018’s most perplexing, punitive, and challenging games. The premise is simple — keep going downward — but the execution is meticulous and frustrating. Jordan’s review is dripping with trepidation, like Below is a game that he wanted so badly to recommend but just couldn’t.

PlayStation 4 owners get to take a crack at Below, but with one major alleviation to all the agony: Developer Capybara is adding an “Explore” mode to Below. Capybara says Explore is “optimized to encourage exploration,” and that it’s meant for players who want to see all Below has to offer “without suffering the exquisite pain of [the] original design.” It’s an overt admission that Below was too tough, probably even moreso than its creator intended. For those who relish a good challenge (or who just want too see Below in its original form), that will still be available in “Survive” mode. 

All this happens when Below comes to PlayStation 4 sometime later this spring. PC and Xbox One players aren’t left in the dark, though. They’ll also get the Explore mode update, presumably upon PS4’s release. All of the discovery with only a fraction of the tedium.

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