CAPTIVATE 08: Wii, uh — I mean, We Love Golf!

We love golf. You love golf. Capcom loves golf. So why was it that their Wii exclusive title We Love Golf! was tucked up away upstairs away from the main action at CAPTIVATE? And why was no one playing? Oh right — there were four Street Fighter IV cabinets downstairs.

But like I said … we love golf! Despite the fact that it seemed like it was overlooked at CAPTIVATE, that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to We Love Golf!‘s July release. I had a chance to get some time with at last year’s Tokyo Game Show (complete with a girl in a mini-skirt teaching me the swing mechanic) and found it enjoyable enough. With unlockable Capcom-themed costumes (Arthur and Jill Valentine FTW!), is there any other golf game you’ll want to play on the Wii? 

Come July, I think I’ll spend some more time with We Love Golf! … as long as there isn’t a Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet within in 20 feet. Because that’s irresistable.

Nick Chester