CAPTIVATE 08: Capcom’s mobile gaming EXPLOSION!

Can you feel the heat? That’s from Capcom’s mobile gaming explosion!

At CAPTIVATE, Capcom was promoting a few of their mobile titles, including Dead Rising; Resident Evil: Genesis; Devil May Cry; Mega Man III; Who Wants to Be A Millionaire 2009; and Street Fighter II. Yes, Street Fighter II on a mobile phone. I picked it up and tried it out, and while it was as difficult to play as it sounds in theory, I was able to toss a few fireballs before losing miserably. 

Did you know that Dead Rising and Resident Evil: Genesis have been available on mobile phones since earlier this year? Yeah, me neither. Now we do. You can find all of the information on these titles in the fact sheets which I’ve pasted after the jump. A lazy cop out? Totally. But I just wanted to make sure you guys get the most accurate info on Capcom’s mobile explosion.

[Bonus: Microsoft Word trying to make corrections to the fact sheets FTW!]

Nick Chester