Captian Obvious: Xbox Japan boss says they need more RPGs

The Japanese like RPGs? Since when? Oh yeah: since the beginning.

Even though the rest of the world already knew that Japanese gamers like their role-playing games, Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui now says the Xbox 360 needs more of them for the console to succeed in Japan. 

“The recent launch of Tales of Vesperia was a true catalyst for console sales and in order to bring more gamers from a broader segment of consumers to the Xbox 360, we need to make the strengthening of our RPG line-up a priority,” Sensui told Edge.

If I were the Xbox Japan boss, I’d have RPG on the brain after I saw great sales numbers from last week. These great numbers were fuelled by RPGs Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery, and last week Xbox 360 sales were on par with sales of Nintendo’s Wii.

Xbox Japan is also banking on future RPG releases:

“We have similar high hopes for the upcoming launch of other RPGs such as The Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and Fable II. However, we have no plans to launch Final Fantasy XIII in Japan.”

Is Japan that easy? Just give them any RPG and they’re good? I don’t think so. But the upcoming releases are from heavy hitters, and I think that these titles, along with the recent price drop, will continue to move Xbox 360 consoles. What do you think?

[Via CVG]

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