Captain Rainbow translation complete, but needs someone to make a patch

Can anyone help make this a reality?

Nintendo fans have yearned for Captain Rainbow to be localized in English ever since its reveal in 2008, but that isn’t likely to ever happen, officially. If you’re not familiar with the game, it was predicted to be the greatest Wii title of all time by former lovely boy Chad Concelmo, one of Jonathan Holmes’ favorite unlocalized Wii games, and stars many third-rung first-party Nintendo characters including Birdo, who is looking for her dildo to prove she is a girl. I guess in Japan only girls use dildos, to which I say “NOT IN MY HOUSE!”

Kirameki Translations has been working on a translation of the game for the past three years and it is finally complete, sort of. The team has finished the actual translation of the text, but doesn’t have the skills to create a patch for Captain Rainbow and has been looking for someone to help the process along. So if that is you, let them know! I want to play this game in English so bad! What could be better than Birdo’s dildo, fat Little Mac, and a flamboyant rainbow-themed superhero? 

Kirameki Translations [Google+]

Jed Whitaker