Captain Obvious: World at War Wii will not have online co-op

In a sudden turn of events that have shocked the games industry, Treyarch has confirmed that Call of Duty: World at War for the Wii will not have an online cooperative mode. Recently, WiiHD had a chance to speak with a Treyarch representative about the matter. The reason for the exclusion of the larger mode is massively surprising. Apparently, the Wii cannot sustain the World at War engine with that many people on-screen at the same time. This is what Treyarch had to officially say:

We are proud to bring what we believe will be the best-looking Wii game this fall to the community, but that comes with technical trade-offs. The difference between competitive MP and co-op is non-trivial. Think of a size of an MP level, then compare that to an SP level. Then consider all the AI code, level scripting, and endless other content in a SP / co-op environment that is just too much for the Wii to sustain with our engine.

This is incredibly unfortunate news that I’m sure most Wii owners were not aware of. The Wii, and its vast technological prowess, cannot handle online cooperative play. At the very least, World at War owners won’t have to worry about collecting friend codes anymore.

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