Captain Obvious: Motorstorm tops Europe PS3 sales charts

As possibly the most non-news item you will read all day, Captain Obvious feels the need to call out Next-Gen on reporting on something that seems like the silliest thing this side of a new console without HD-capable graphics. *rimshot* *crickets*

Now usually, we love Next Gen for their fair and balanced, hard-news approach, but when the ol’ Cap’n sees stuff like “Motorstorm Seals Top Spot in Europe” and then reads the story to find out they actually mean the PlayStation 3-only sales list, then the Captain gets angry.

Duh! Of course it’s on top of the list. Why is that news? It’s pretty much the only other exclusive title on the damn system. Sweet Jesus people, is video game news that slow nowadays?

I guess so, since we’re talking about it.

Robert Summa