Captain Obvious: Mario is Japan’s most popular videogame character

In news that is likely to shock and amaze, Nintendo’s world famous plumber Mario has topped an Oricon Monitor Research survey conducted among 1000 Japanese people asking for their favorite videogame character.

The survey participants covered a most demographics, with each gender and a variety of ages represented.

Mario topped the league, with Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud Strife taking the second position. Looks like it’s only the Weeaboos who have a Sephiroth hard-on. Coming in at third place is another Mario character, Yoshi. Sadly, I can’t read moonspeak to find out the full top ten, but according to, Solid Snake and Slime seem to be there, while the second highest rated FF character was again not Sephiroth but … a chocobo, which came in at number seven. 

Looks like Colette was involved with this survey somehow. Kweh!

James Stephanie Sterling