Captain Obvious: GTA V being developed

In a recent interview with The Times of Lodon Dan Houser, one of the big wigs at Rockstar, has been caught talking about GTA V, which we all knew was coming out, but it’s always good to know where they are in development on it. Houser says they’re hard at work on Rockstar’s upcoming Red Dead Revolver game and are also putting together the pieces for GTA V.

“We’ll think of a city first, then the characters,” said Houser. He also explains that the script he will end up co-writing will run to around 1,000 pages, nearly ten times as much as a feature film. Feature films are mentioned because most of the article is actually about the unfair treatment Rockstar and the gaming industry in general gets when it comes to violence in games.

Houser actually has some great quotes and opinions on the subject so I’m hoping that this bit of non-news promoted by Captain Obvious actually prompts you to head over there and check out the entire article or maybe Jim’s post on the story already did that.

Matthew Razak