Captain Obvious: DS outsells PSP in Japan by a wide margin

Don’t you love when the same gaming news gets recycled and spit out again every three months? God, I know we do. How else would we survive!?!? The latest item that Captain Obvious has brought to my attention is a “new” report that the DS is beating the PSP in Japan, in sales, by a margin of three to one. Ouch.

Sony Japan has revealed new shipment figures for the PSP, which show that 5 million units of the portable console have been shipped in Japan by the end of January – over 9 million units behind the Nintendo DS.

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka confirmed the figures in a phone interview, meaning that the Nintendo DS has been outselling the PSP by a factor of three to one.

The next thing I’m sure we’ll hear today is how the Wii is sold out and the PS3 isn’t. Expect a story on your local news tonight for that breaking news. 

Robert Summa