Captain Obvious: David Reeves says PSP should have had more original titles

The desire to post a massive billboard of the ORLY owl on this post is almost impossible to resist, but somehow I fought off the burning need. According to this blurb from Gamepro via, Sony Europe president and Chief Executive Officer David Reeves was quoted as saying,” Honestly…we should have had more original PSP games.” Reeves went to on to say that Sony is now committed to create a selection that rivals the DS offerings already available.

Even though you can’t help but make your WTF face for a quote like that coming from the company responsible for the PS2, it’s at least pleasing for me to know that Sony isn’t giving up on the portable altogether. Seeing the new PSP showcased at E3 this year — not to mention the titles coming soon — finally made me take an active interest in the system again. Throw in a slimmer body and a better price point, and I’m sold. Sony, take your own advice and apply it to the PS3!

Colette Bennett