Captain Obvious: Analysts are useless

Sometimes posts just write themselves. Such is the case with this latest edition of Captain Obvious. I think we can all agree analysts are pretty … well, useless. Usually, they spout off things we all already know or something so outlandish that only a person who really wasn’t in touch with “real gamers” would say. Take a look at what this genius said (what’s even worse is that gaming biz sites like this continue to feed the useless beast):

The continued shortages of the Nintendo Wii could mean that potential consumers will lose interest in a product they cannot easily buy, according to IDC’s Billy Pidgeon. 

Oh my God, really? What fancy Ivy League school did you attend to be able to come up with that gem?

The analyst also believes that rival next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft are lacking strong software support, which could lead to a loss of market share during the second quarter of 2007.

No way! Wow, I feel so much smarter now. Thanks Billy Pidgeon! And thank you GamesIndustry for the idiotic news filler and Captain Obvious nod! 

Robert Summa