Captain Kirk plays WoW? Who knew?

The appearance of good old Captain Kirk made me so momentarily excited that I thought about playing World of Warcraft again. Then I remembered I hate it with a burning passion and that I would prefer to slice off my nipples with a dull cheese knife before I would play it again, but it’s a testament to the weirdly unexplainable charisma of William Shatner that I considered it for even a moment.

Of course, Shatner probably wouldn’t be caught dead playing the game, much less having a buffed up shaman character, but I have to admit there is something a bit clever about the ads themselves. There’s a Mr. T ad too, which you can see after the jump. I’m befuddled that Mr. T doesn’t look all that much older than he did twenty years ago. Hardly matters, since you don’t question Mr. T.

Also T, I’m pretty sure that style of gold hoops is actually a girl’s earring style. I’m just saying.

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