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Captain Hoz location in Tears of the Kingdom

In search of Hoz

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is here, and disaster has struck Hyrule once again as Princess Zelda has gone missing. After completing the long tutorial opening in Tears of the Kingdom, one of the first tasks players will need to complete is finding Captain Hoz.

The residents and military of Hyrule are desperately searching for Zelda after she disappeared with Link. Naturally, they’re pretty surprised when Link shows up without Zelda, and the player need to tell Captain Hoz, who’s leading the search, what happened to the Princess.

To begin the search for Captain Hoz, you’ll need to talk to Purah in Lookout Landing. This new town in Tears of the Kingdom is where players need to go to continue the main story immediately after finishing the tutorial and arriving on the ground in Hyrule.

How to find Captain Hoz in Tears of the Kingdom

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After being tasked with finding Captain Hoz, you’ll need to head to the castle, which is just north of the quest start in Lookout Landing. Specifically, you’re going to the area just within the walls and not into Hyrule Castle itself. Go towards the massive castle gate, it’s closed, but it’s easy to carefully traverse around the pillars holding the door. There are soldiers stationed around the castle who will give directions to Captain Hoz, but it isn’t necessary to talk to them.

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Once you’re past the main gate, you’ll need to head up to the First Gatehouse, as shown on the map above. The marker in the picture above is the exact location of Captain Hoz. Follow the road left and up the hill, staying with it until rounding the corner at the top and coming to the gatehouse where there are more soldiers. You’re going the right way if you see soldiers stationed at various points up the hill.

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Once you see the gatehouse, don’t go inside. Captain Hoz is on the roof of the building, looking for Zelda. To reach him, simply climb up to the roof of the gatehouse on the left side of the structure. The best place to climb from is the area on the left with the building materials, as Captain Hoz is almost directly above that spot. When you’re on the roof, look for the section in the picture above to find Hoz standing right there. To complete this portion of the quest, just talk to him, and the next cutscene will start.

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